Tungasuvvingat Inuit


A place to hear stories and learn about life in urban Canada.
As told by urban Inuit.

How did you first discover Tungasuvvingat Inuit?

What kind of opportunities for youth do you see in urban areas?

What recommendations would you make to organizations working with urban Inuit?

What is the best part about living in an urban centre?

What has your experience been of navigating the health care system in the south?

What are typical issues to expect when you first move to a city from the north?

When you moved, what was your experience of transferring territorial health cards and licenses?

What has your experience been with acquiring and sustaining employment in an urban setting?​

Many Inuit identify as full time artists, what can be done in urban areas to help artists succeed?​

What solutions are available for addressing education and employment issues for urban Inuit?​

Do you use social media?​

Is there sufficient training and education opportunities here that consider the needs of Inuit?

What do you do on a Saturday night for fun in the city?

What do you love about living in the south?

What brought you to living in an urban setting?

Are you able to access or participate in events that celebrates your culture and language?

How do you hold onto your Inuit traditions and values while living in an urban setting?

What does reconciliation mean to you as an Inuk living in an urban area?

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