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Cultural Education

The Cultural Education Programs at Tungasuvvingat Inuit are an integral part of bringing the urban Inuit community together. Elders Teas are hosted weekly, community feasts occur each month along with seasonal community outings and annual gatherings for Christmas and Summer Solstice. Workshops on traditional skills such as sewing and drum making are held throughout the year.

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Training Available To Public

Cultural Education workshops are also delivered to a variety of organizations that include schools, non-profit agencies, Federal, Provincial and Municipal Governments as well as many others.  Some topics covered include Inuit history, country food, the Inuktitut language, Inuit lands and urban Inuit populations.

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Address 297 Savard Avenue

Ottawa, ON


Monday to Friday

9am to 5pm

Inuit Courts & Justice Services Department (ICJS)

ICJS is relatively a new department at Tungasuvvingat Inuit, initiated in 2017 and funded by different Ministries within the Ontario Government. ICJS is a collective of different programs aimed at the same goal, serving the Ottawa Urban Inuit community members. 

ICJS provides support to Inuit clients in contact with the criminal justice system.  Every effort is made to provide support for those at high risk of entering the system, or have previously had contact with the system. Culturally relevant and appropriate approaches are adhered to, utilizing the 8 Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit (IQ) guiding principles to reduce the number of Inuit clients from entering or re-entering the system.

The Program

The program is a multifaceted one when it comes to how it tackles the justice system issues, it is an amalgamation between direct service delivery, diversion to client-tailored services and programs, and advocacy through policy change.

The Team

The ICJS department team is comprised of a two (2) Gladue Writers, Restorative Justice Liaison, Youth Justice Policy Advisor, and Manager.

Address 297 Savard Avenue

Ottawa, ON

613-232-4477 x314
613-407-3906 (cell)


Monday to Friday

9am to 5pm

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